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Texas Small Business Association®

For decades Texas SBA® has distributed resources to the small business community during times of emergency, financial need, and economic prosperity. Our most popular services during all economic times are (1) Texas SBA® Business Certification, (2) State of Texas Government Contract Lobbying, and (3) Texas Small Business Association® Membership. Decreed as the clearinghouse for small business, Texas SBA® transfers resources and information from both state and federal agencies to small business owners throughout the state.

Joint marketing ventures with Texas Small Business Association® are available to members and can help accelerate your company's sales by capturing marketshare from competitors. Co-Branding your company's products or services alongside Texas Small Business Association® registered trademark; White Label Marketing of your company's goods & services under the brand name of Texas Small Business Association®; and "Official Supplier" status for Texas Small Business Association® are benefits of membership. Purchase Your Membership Today.

Texas Small Business Association® spreads our wings across all industries and sectors easily making us the #1 trade group in Texas! Companies ranging in size from 1-person home based offices to $50 million firms comprise our constituency as "small business" and are eligible for membership. While years in business is not a requirement for membership, annual sales and number of employees determines every company's designation as "small business" within the United States of America. Rank Your Business Against the Competition.

About Us

Texas is America's #1 State for Business & the World's 10th Largest Economy with Annual Sales of $1.8 Trillion and 2.8 Million Small Businesses.

Texas Small Business Association® is the institution providing foundational support to this business community, both domestically and internationally.

At all levels of government Texas Small Business Association® is relied upon as the repository when seeking information or access to the business community of Texas. In commerce, Texas Small Business Association® is the central body distributing resources to business owners and companies of all sizes throughout the state.

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Our Purpose

Texas Small Business Association® was founded to connect Texas business owners and encourage transactions within the membership group. Join Now.

In addition to this mandate Texas Small Business Association® is entrusted to help small business navigate the biennial $160 Billion State of Texas government contracting marketplace and creating a pro-business climate in the Texas legislature on behalf of individual companies. Get Started.

Internationally, Texas Small Business Association® recruits foreign-based memberships in 80 countries and 20 languages expanding trade relationships and markets for our members. Global Markets.